Yuyuan Area

Metro: Metro Line 10 Yuyuan Garden Station Yuyuan area is a must for all tourists in the country and from abroad. It still maintains the antique style of streets of ancient Chinese towns. Here, shops stand in rows with a large collection of beautiful commodities of a great variety. Large numbers of visitors crowd the place. It is a commercial center combining shopping, touring, catering and entertainment in one. The buildings look antique in the exterior and are modernized in the interior. They harmonize with the entire picture of the ancient town. The Mid-lake pavilion, built in 1784, is the most well-known teahouse in Shanghai. Sitting by the window on the second floor of the tea house, guests, while sipping tea, can enjoy the scenery outside, much to their delight. There is a large collection of snack shops in the area, supplying different kinds of refreshments that can please customer's palate, much to their hearts' content. Besides, here, visitors can also get different native and special products and souvenirs. It is, therefore, a tourist area much appreciated by visitors from home and abroad.

1. Mid-lake Pavilion Tea House and Zigzag Bridge

2. Old Shanghai Restaurant

3. Nanxiang Steamed Buns Store

4. LuBoLang Restaurant

5. Shanghai Old Street

6. Yuyuan Garden