World Architecture on the Bund

Promenade du Bund
Photo by Georgio, CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
Zhongshan Rd.(E)

Shanghai Municipal Archives The Bund Branch
Yanan Rd. (E)
Shanghai Pacific Insurance Company (the former Asiatic Petroleum Building), built 1916
Under displacement (formerly the Shanghai Club), built 1910
Three on the Bund (originally the Union Insurance Co. Building), built 1922
Guangdong Rd.

Huaxia Bank (former Nishin Navigaation Company), built 1925
Under displacement (the former China Merchants Bank Building), built 1897
Bangkok Bank (formerly the China Merchants Bank Building), built 1907
Fuzhou Rd.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank (formerly Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd), built 1923
Shanghai Custom House (originally named Jiang Hai Customs House), built 1927
Hankou Rd.

Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions (the former Bank of Communications Building), built 1948
China Foreign Exchange Trade Centre (formerly the Russo-Chinese Bank Building), built 1901
Jiujiang Rd.

China Merchants Bank (formerly the Bank of Taiwan), built 1924
AIA Building (formerly the North China Daily News Building), built 1921
Bund 18 (formerly known as the Chartered Bank), built 1923
The Swatch Art Peace Hotel (formerly the Palace Hotel), built 1906
Nanjing Rd.

Peace Hotel (formerly the Sassoon House), built 1929
Dianchi Rd.

Bank of China, built 1937
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (formerly the Yokohama Species Bank), built 1924
Agricultural Bank of China (formerly the Yangzi Bank, built 1916
Foreign Trade Building (formerly the Jardine Matheson & Company Limited), built 1920
Suzhou Creek