Tourist Attractions in Shanghai

The Bund

A symbol of Shanghai and an epitome of Shanghai's modern history. On one side of the broad highway stand 52 blocks of tall, magnificent buildings with different architectural styles, which can be called museum of modern world world architecture. On the otherside is the wide embankment, where crowds of visitors come to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Huangpu--mother river of Shanghai. When night falls, colourful lights illuminate the whole Bund area and turn it into a scene of the "wonderland". Metro: Metro Line 2, 10 Nanjing Rd.(E) S.

Oriental Pearl Tower

468 meters high and overlooking the magnificent international-style buildings on the other side of the river. The tower consists of 15 spheres of different sizes at different levels creating an artistic conception of "large and small pearls dropping onto a jade plate". At night, colourful lights glisten and dazzle the eyes. Metro: Metro Line 2, Lujiazui S.

Shanghai World Financial Center

94th floor, 423 meters high: The sightseeing hall at 94th floor occupies an area of 800 sqm with a height of 8 meters. Here is a place not only to enjoy the city view but also to host various exhibitions and events with a background of beautiful sceneries of both banks of the Huangpu River, bringing you the completely different audio=visual effects and unprecendented spirit convulsion.

97th floor, 437 meters high: It looks like a overbridge suspended in the sky. The design of open glass ceiling makes you breathe the most fresh air while looking up the sky.

100th floor, 472 meters high: Located at the 100th floor of 472 meter high, the 55 meter-long observing corridor is the highest sightseeing facility currently around the world. Every visitors will touch the grand vigour of skyscraper here. Walking on the glass floor, you can also experience the lofty sentiments of "When shall I reach the top and hold, all mountains in a single glance". Metro: Metro Line 2 Lujiazui S.

Jinmao Tower

Shanghai Jinmao Observatory 88, 341 meters high, with an area of 1520 sqm, is one of the first batch of 4A-grade tourist scenic spots in China. It is the largest and highest observatory in Shanghai. A super-speed elevator of 9.1 m/s takes visitors up the tower in 45 seconds. Here you will have a full view of the most fashionable Shanghai and experience the unique charm of modern Shanghai. Metro: Metro Line 2 Lujiazui S.

Shanghai Urban History Museum

"If you spend a few hours in the museum, you will know the history of 100 years." this is exactly how the people depict the charm of the newly-completed Museum for History of Shanghai Urban Development". The reappearance of unforgettable scenes in old Shanghai and demonstration of historical relics in the actual atmosphere constitute the essential feature of the museum. The creative way for exhibiting in the museum features the integration of cultural relics, stage properties, graphic paintings, models, multimedia devlices and audio-video facilties.

Those old relics, old pictures, old films, old songs, and old records for local operas and the exhibits showing the old blacksmith, old cottom-fluffing workshop, the Shipping Guild Hall and Joint Court all tell you the story of how the city has developed. Go there and watch and listen to all that can found there and make a visit through which you can know more about the city in the past. Metro: Metro Line 2 Lujiazui S.

People's Square and Shanghai Museum

The People's Square is the political and cultural centre of Shanghai. Here are found the Shanghai Museum, the Municipal Hall, the underground shopping arcade, the underground parking ground and Shanghai Grand Theatre. The museum is a comprehensive museum of art, being one of the 4 largest museums in the country. It has a collection of 12,300 pieces in 21 categories of valuable cultural relics. The shape of the bulding is like a giant bronze tripod looking graceful and solemn. There are modern facilities in the museum, such as a multi-function lecture hall, sound guiding, etc. Metro: Metro Line 1,2,8 People's Square S.

Huangpu River Cruise Dock

The river cruise is an important traditional tourist item in Shanghai. The Huangpu River is the mother river of Shanghai. It symbolizes Shanghai and presents visitors with the cream of the city's scenic sights on its banks. Here you will have a glimpse of Shanghai's past and look into the bright future of the city. Starting from the Bund the boat will bring you upstream to the Nanpu Bridge, turn around downstream to the Yangpu Bridge and all the way to Wusong Mouth, where the river meets the Yangtze River, and then turns back.

The cruise company owns different kinds of cruise ships, wharves and a waiting lounge. The company offers boat trips to Wusong Mouth to see the Three Layer-Water, Yangpu Bridge, Nanpu Bridge, the cruise of the "Twin Dragons Playing with the Pearl", boat charter service and special cruises as required by tourists. Bus: Public bus No. 55, 576 ect.

Bund Sightseeing Tunnel

The entry-exit of the tunnel on the west side of the river is foudn to the north of Chen Yi Square, while its entry-exit on Pudong is at the south to the Orient Pearl TV Tower (opposite to the Shanghai International Convention Centre). The tunnel plays both the role of transportation and tourism. It adopts the most advanced SK system in the world. It takes 2.5 to 5 minutes to go through the tunnel. Metro: Metro Line 2, 10 Nanjing Rd.(E) S. (Puxi), Metro Line 2 Lujiazui S. (Pudong)

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

There are 6 exhibition halls in Shanghai Science & Technology Museum: "Exploring the Earth's Crust", describing the structure of the earth's crust; "All Manufestations of Living Beings", presenting scenes of rain forests, the "Children's Village", teaching children the knowledge of the outside world through fames; the "Information Paradise" cast of robots, etc. In the central hall there is an exhibition of natural sciences with giant dinosaurs and over ten thousand pieces of specimens. There is a huge three-dimensional movie screen and small spheroid 4D movie open to visitors. Metro: Metro Line 2 Shanghai Science & Technology Museum S.

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

The theme of Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is "Across Continents-Through Worlds of Water". It displays not only the unique fresh water and ocean creatures, but also endangered aquatic animals including many near-extinct species in China and other regions. The highlights include Sawfish, Jellyfish, Sunfish, Weedy Sea Dragon. The aquarium has four spectacular underwater viewing tunnels, which enable the visitors to come incredibly close to greet shows the replicas of the old buildings in the city nearly 70 years ago. Metro: Metro Line 2 Lujiazui S.

Shanghai Grand Theatre

Located in the northwest of the People's Square, occupying an area of 11,528 sqm with a total floor space of 70,000 sqm, consists of 3 theatres for performing ballet, opera, symphony, chamber music, stage play and dance drama. It is equipped with an automatic mechanical stage, the largest and most advanced in Asia. Shanghai Grand Theatre has become a modern cultural symbolic archtecture in Shanghai.Metro: Metro Line 1,2,8 People's Square S.

Site of the First National Congress of CPC

Located in No 76-78 Xingye Road, it is here the First Congress of the Communist Party of China was held on July 23, 1921. Mao Zedong, He Shuheng and others, altogether 13 delegates from different places in the country, attended the meeting. The congress passed the first Party programee, elected the Party's central leading body and founded the Communist Party of China. Metro: Metro Line 1 Huangpi Rd. (S) S., Metro Line 10 Xintiandi S.

Shanghai Old Street

The 825 meter long Old Street runs from Renmin Road to Henan Road. It is an important thoroughfare for visiting the Yuyuan commericial area. In old Shanghai here were found the private banks, gold shops, jewelry stores, wine shops, tea houses, theatres, and other firms, usually called the center of all trades in Shanghai. Here, now, we can find some of the traditional trades like a coin store, old-fashioned tea houses, a shop selling mahogany decorative articles, a pawn shop, a wine shop and a private bank.Metro: Metro Line 10 Yuyuan Garden S.

Jing'an Temple

It is a famous Buddist monastery with a history of more than 1,800 years. It was first built during the Three Kingdoms Period and rebuilt several times later. It belongs to the Mi Sect of the Buddhist disciplines. The temple consists of the Mountain Gate, Heavenly King Hall, Three Sages Hall, Beneficence Hall and Abbot's Room. Kept in the temple are such relics as a giant bell of the Ming Dynasty, stone Buddhist statues, stone tablets and paintings by master painters Chu Zhishan, Zhang Daqian and Wen Zhenming. Metro: Metro Line 2,7 Jing'an Temple S.

Jade Buddha Temple

In 1882 Monk Huigen brought back from Burma two jade Buddha statues and built a temple to enshrine them. The statues are the ingenious works of the Buddhist world. Buddhist ceremonies are conducted here all the time. As a famous Buddhist temple it is well known both at home and abroad. Bus: Public bus No. 19,63,76,112,113 ect.

Xujiahui Cathedral

The largest Catholic church now existing in Shanghai and the main cathedral in Shanghai's Catholic parish. It is formally named the "Great Cathedral of the Holy Mother". The architecture has a French Gothic style. Metro: Metro Line 1,9,11 Xujiahui S.

Shanghai Oriental Arts Center

Shanghai Oriental Arts Center is one of the most advanced large-scale entertainment complex built in China. As a bird's-eye view, the center's five main halls are like the five petals of a beautiful butterfuly orchid in full bloom. They are the entrance to the main hall, the concert hall, the performance hall, the exhibition hall, and the opera house. At night the "orchid" will turn into a sparkling gem with a rainbow of lights changing colors according to the melodies being played. The center comprises a 1,953-seat concert hall, a 1,020-seat opera house, and a 333-seat performance hall with the most advanced digital sound console which can meet the requests of various performance including symphony, ballet, music drama and drama as well.

Shanghai Circus World

Shanghai Circus World Called "China's No. 1 Circus World", it is another symbolic guilding in this metropolis.

Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe presents large-scale performances of acrobatics, circus and magic in over 100 items. In the past half a century the troupe has enjoyed fine reputation in the country and overseas. It has been on performing tours of the United States, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, Spain, Malaysia, Australia and Taiwan region. Metro: Metro Line 1 Shanghai Circus World S.


The Shanghai Magnetic Levitated Train Line ("MAGLEV Line") is the world's first commercialized high-speed magnetic levitated transportation system. On 31 December 2002, the Shanghai MAGLEV Line completed it inaugural trip. The whole MAGLEV Line runs only 7 minutes for 30 km from Pudong International Airport to Longyang Rd. metro station of Longyang Rd., the lake-blue doming sunshade looks like a huge gun barrel to launch the flying dream of MAGLEV Line and welcomes the passengers to experience the exciting maximum speed of 430 km/h.

Operation Time:
6:45-21:40 (To Puding International Airport Station)
7:02-21:42 (To Longyang Rd. Station)
Interval: 15-20 minutes
Single-trip: RMB 50 for Economy, RMB 100 for VIP
Round Trip: RMB 80 for Economy, RMB 160 for VIP
Metro: Metro Line 2,7 Longyang Rd. S.